Biosafety Laboratory Facilities:

BSL2+ Facility
Director:  Professor Sunny Jiang
BSL3 Facility
Director:  Professor Michael Buchmeier

Two laboratories are available to support work at the BSL2+ and BSL3 levels. These labs are fully equipped for tissue culture and virology manipulation, and personnel are available to train new investigators whose work requires access to high containment suites. The 1800-square-foot BSL3 suite contains two wet-lab rooms in addition to adjacent access corridors and dressing rooms, and is equipped for multiple workers. Four laminar flow hoods are available for tissue culture and viral work, and CO2 incubators can accommodate bacterial and animal cell cultures.  High-speed and ultra-centrifuges and rotors, light microscopy, and a microplate assay reader are also present.

Within the BSL2+ facility, the following services are offered:  water quality testing for viruses and other infectious agents, microbial pollution source identification and rapid virus monitoring for water supplies.

Other Services
UCI Genomics High Throughput Facility
Director:  Dr. Suzanne Sandmeyer
UCI Computational Biology Research Laboratory (CBRL)
Director:  Dr. Pierre Baldi
Institute for Genomics and Bioinformatics (in silico)
Director:  Dr. Pierre Baldi
Library Display Laboratory
Director:  Dr. Greg Weiss