The Center for Virus Research held its annual NIH Virology Training Grant Symposium on Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at the University of California, Irvine. Four trainees presented their individual research projects to the CVR Faculty and students. The symposium was well attended by faculty, students and staff from the School of Biological Sciences, the School of Medicine, the School of Engineering and the College of Health Sciences.


Margaret Lugin(Kwon Lab) – “Multimodal AAV/polymeric Gene Carriers Simultaneously Expressing Bim and Silencing Mcl-1 as a Versatile and Specific Cancer Therapy”

Stephen Wandro (Whiteson Lab) – “Fighting Back Against Superbugs: Using Phage Cocktails to Target Enterococcus”

Yeva Mirzakhanyan (Gershon Lab) – “Structure and function of large DNA viruses using mass as a parameter”

Tom Caldwell (Forthal Lab) – “The role of dendritic cells in transmission selectivity of HIV transmitted/founder variants”


Yeva Mirzakhanyan, Tom Caldwell, Stephen Wandro, Margaret Lugin


NIH Virology Training Grant Symposium 2019