Mass Spec Facility

The CVR Recharge Unit

A recharge is the assessment and collection of a charge by one University department/unit/activity/project for goods or services, furnished to another University department/unit/activity/project.  A recharge transaction is appropriate when the furnishing department has incurred expense to make available a product or service which is sold to customer departments for an established price, or at a price based on an established standard pricing method.

The recharge unit associated with the Center for Virus Research is:

Proteomics Mass Spectrometry Facility
Director:  Professor Paul D. Gershon

     Please contact the Facility Director for pricing:

949.824.9606 or 949.824.7954

Protein Identification – Polyacrylamide gel slices (10 samples):  $357
MALDI-TOF/TOF of in-gel digest setup by user w/ SB search:  $36 per spot
Simple MudPIT (4 SCX fractions):  $500
LC-MS:  $100/sample run
LC-MS/MS:  $150/sample (includes 1 database search)
Additional Database Search:  $50/ea
Unexpected complexity in sample preparation and custom analysis:  $80/hour
(salary and consumables)