On Friday, June 2nd, 2017, the Center for Virus Research hosted the annual NIH Virology Training Grant Symposium here at UCI.  The three trainees supported by this training grant, William Hu, Margaret Lugin, and Wendy Ullmer, presented on the progress of their individual research projects, allowing an opportunity for a critical analysis of their data by CVR faculty and students.

William Hu (Sandri-Goldin Lab) – Structure-Function Analysis of the HSV-1 Regulatory Protein ICP27

Margaret Lugin (Kwon Lab) – Chemically Modifying Viruses for Cancer Therapies to Increase Efficacy and Decrease Immunogenicity

Wendy Ullmer (Semler Lab) – Investigating the Mechanism of AUF1 Negative regulation of Picornavirus infection

William Hu, Margaret Lugin
Not pictured: Wendy Ullmer

NIH Virology Training Grant Symposium 2017